Brazil and the World in the W3 Avenue: That's the Mercado Municipal de Brasília.

During decades, people landed in Brasilia and were afraid to ask, " Where is the Municipal Market? ". After all, how could it exist through the futuristic well-known forms of the Brazilian capital, something like the delicious and bountiful popular markets of many cities in Brazil and in the World? Well, it was really true, until 2006, when the Mercado Municipal of Brasilia came into existence, smiling to everyone : I'm here at W3 , 509 south, waiting for you .

The fifties of last century were marked by many changes in our country . The construction of Brasilia and the advent of Bossa Nova are two historical highlights . The first caused exodus, with thousands of people coming to the Center of the Country; the other changed the beat of samba and invented a phenomenon called MPB , which was consecrated in music festivals in the next decade, the sixties. And in these following decades, Brazilians from all nooks and corners kept coming and building Brasilia, growing, growing.

A Brazilian politician from Diamantina - MG, signed the many work orders in order that the iron, the steel, the ground, the glass, the concrete and the art could shape the futuristic Heritage of Mankind. Audacious, really, but taking it easy before the clashes. Some decades later, in 1985, another Brazilian, sociologist, this time from Cruzília - MG, came to give his contribution, forever altering the cuisine of the federal capital , placing it as one of the most important centers in this area in Brazil. Audacious, really, but with poetic serenity facing difficulties.

Jorge Ferreira was compared with the physician and president bossa novista , in the words of poet Carlos Henrique: " He is the JK of the bars and restaurants" ! After inaugurating the Gordeixo 306 , the Feitiço Mineiro, the Armazém do Ferreira, Bar Brasilia and the Bar e Restaurante Monumental (today, Bar Brahma), came the turn of one more challenge: the construction of Mercado Municipal, starting in 2005, inaugurated in 2006. A work of art where we are part of the scenery , multifaceted. Interacting with the space , while enjoy shopping around, feeling every product as an art piece, in a cinematographic décor. The architect Alvaro Abreu played the game with manager/set designer Jorge Ferreira, and they got it . Okay , we're at home : the Mercado Municipal of Brasilia .